Rob Clegg: Launching New Product Tips

January 28, 2021

Successful Product Launch

Welcome to the Robert Clegg blog. The tech industry is rapidly emerging. Launching a new product can be very difficult. No matter whether you’re launching a new app, a new software feature, or a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, every product launch requires its own strategy so it gets introduced to the right people.

Before you do anything with your product, you need to be sure you know it well. but understanding the problem that you’re solving is important to communicating the product’s value with your customers. Focus on “why” you created the product and “who” can benefit from it. 

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Once you have an understanding of the problem that needs solving, research the people who are facing this problem. Moreover, you need to understand your audience—the language they use, the way they communicate, the channels they communicate through, and the news they want to hear.

A buyer persona will also help you to develop an empathy for your customers. It will help you to know where they’re coming from, what they are doing, what problems they are facing, and help you to understand more thoroughly how to solve those problems for them.

 Having clear metrics will also help you to know what you’re going after. Are you seeking sales, clicks, shares, or likes? Make sure you choose good analytics tools before you start your campaign. This way, you will have a clear picture of what’s going on through a single dashboard. 

Testing can also save you from spending time and resources on unnecessary features your users won’t like, as well as reduce the need for customer support, discover potential threats from competitors, and improve conversion rate and customer retention. After you have generated enough feedback from testing, it’s time to use that information to improve your product. Eliminate anything that users didn’t like and add missing features. And if you’re still feeling unsure about the results, do more testing

In every product launch, you always have to be present, listening, and ready to take action. Remember, preparation is key to every success story.

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