Robert Clegg: How to Beat the Competition

March 28, 2021


robert clegg
Welcome to the Robert Clegg blog. In business, it is widely believed that your competitors are to be treated as the enemy. As a newbie in any field, it may not be advantageous to your progress or reputation, to try and go after the top dog. The fact that you consider them a challenge to your success and/or business, demonstrates their ability and skill to drive revenue away from you. Otherwise you wouldn’t consider them as competition.  

When starting out, Rob Clegg advised to recognised those who have already done it, and are doing it well, is the first step to mastering success. The big competitors have already put in the time, money and effort to get where they are today. Using your competitors prestige and experience alongside your vision and sweat equity, can push your dreams into reality. This is probably one of the most surefire ways to 10X your results in any field.  

Finally, in any line of work, you should always do and give more than what is expected. This is especially true when developing relationships with those in your marketplace. While you would obviously refrain from giving away or up anything that could be leveraged against you, contributing time and effort to others’ needs, opens you to reciprocation. Doing big favors for big players can open you up to huge opportunities in the future. 

Rob Clegg is a business specialist. Learn more about Robert Clegg online on his IMBD page here. Visit the Rob Clegg website here. Follow the Rob Clegg Medium blog here for more entrepreneur tips.

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