Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

January 07, 2021

 Entrepreneurial Success

Welcome to the Rob Clegg blog. One of the biggest areas where first-time entrepreneurs fail is in failing to launch. They spend so much time perfecting an idea that it never actually gets off the ground or offered for sale. If you can effectively solve the problem, you can launch and gather information and insights from customers as you go. It saves time, money and a lot of heartache.

According to Rob Clegg, marketing is everything! You may have the best product the world has ever seen, but if the world never actually sees it, your business will fail. Whether you work with an agency or choose to do marketing in-house, it needs to exist to get your product in front of the right eyes at the right time and increase sales.

Remember that you don’t need a perfect product, you only need a customer support staff available to make your customers feel valued and to address any issues that arise. People form relationships with people, not products. From there come positive reviews/testimonials and great referrals. 

Lastly,  know your competition. If you haven’t already (and hopefully you have), complete market research on competitive products to establish what sets you apart. When you start doing marketing, these are the bullet points on which you’ll want to focus. Set up Google Alerts to monitor what is happening in your industry and what moves competitors are making. Keep your customers close, and your competitors closer.

Following the tips above can provide some peace-of-mind and help you elevate! 

Rob Clegg has a vast amount of experience in raising business capital. Learn more about Rob Clegg on his IMDb page here. Connect with Robert Clegg on his Linkedin profile page here. Read the latest Robert Clegg news here.

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