Paperless Solutions for Small Business

January 07, 2021

 Paperless Business

Welcome to the Rob Clegg blog. With automation suites and digital platforms finding their way into the workplace, going completely paperless is a reality. One of the key reasons why companies prefer to go paperless is the reduction in errors. Incomplete forms, illegible writing, and unvalidated forms are all potential reasons why manual errors are so common with traditional paper-based forms. 

In case of mistakes, fingers are pointed at stakeholders while in fact, an incompetent workflow is to blame. Understandably, when workflows are unclear, it leaves room for errors. With automation systems, the workflows are improved and no form is accepted into the system without filling in all mandatory fields. This leaves no room for errors in the flow and the resulting blame. 

Auditing your processes is also a lot easier when you are not trying to scramble into heaps of paperwork digging into them last minute. Important documents and client contracts should never just be another file lying around to get lost. Automation ensures that you have timely access to confidential information kept securely in digital files and folders. This goes a long way in ensuring that you can simplify complying with government and industry regulations.

And from just a cost standpoint, a paperless office with a digital automation platform has a massive return on investment. Not to mention, going paperless would help you do your bit in protecting the environment.

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