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July 14, 2020


Welcome to the Rob Clegg blog. Millions of consumers already use biometrics technology, like thumbprint scans to unlock their phones and confirm in-app purchases. Recent research unveiled that consumers’ awareness of biometric payments is, in fact, very high. Specifically, two-thirds of respondents have already used fingerprint recognition, with one third using it on a regular basis.
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Some financial institutions and technology companies are also going one step further, with trials well underway in the area of deviceless biometric payments, enabling a consumer to pay by ‘who they are’, authenticating the transaction through fingerprint, iris or face. As these types of payments require specifically designed biometric POS systems, their potential lies in specific markets and use cases, says Rob Clegg.

Looking at the payments industry today, companies like Apple have shown that this is possible – Apple Pay customers trust the technology company with their biometric data which is used to authentic payments. Worry-less payments with biometric smartness.

Utilising biometric authentication in payments could hold the key to countering fraud, boosting security for transactions and offering a more convenient way of paying. But one question needs to be answered: are people willing to give up some of their privacy for an improvement inconvenience and a better payment experience?

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